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SRAM Eagle XG-1275 12-Speed Cassette

SRAM Eagle XG-1275 12-Speed Cassette

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Spin for the win

Ride anywhere with the wide range XG-1275, Eagle cassette that provides just the right gear. Fast on the flats. Control on the climbs. Dictate your own pace, anywhere.

With massive gear range, Eagle cassettes give riders more ability to spin and recover on the burliest climbs.

Product details

  1. Massive gear range utilizing the industry standard XD hub driver
  2. FULL PIN technology uses light, stamped steel cogs with 11 stainless steel cogs and one large aluminum cog
  3. Open design aids in mud clearance for cleaner shifting and longer component life
  4. Optimized gear steps across entire range
  5. Compatible with XD-Driver freehub
  6. Easily mix and match colorways within SRAM Eagle color system

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